Welcome to our Semi-Custom Program!

Our ready-to-ship gifts + your logo = easy for you, unforgettable for them! And the best part, there's no order minimum. Customization options for our semi-custom program include bellybands, stickers, notecards, gift tags, tissue paper, or ribbon. You choose how we can best represent you on your gift. The cost per personalization option is below. There's no additional artwork fee if you send us design files that are ready for printing. If needed, we are more than happy to design the artwork for a one-time fee of $150.

Bellybands (~$5.00/gift)
Stickers (~$1.00/gift)
Notecards (~$1.00/gift)
Gift Tags (~$2.00/gift)
Tissue Paper (~$4.00/gift)
Ribbon (~$5.00/gift)
Costs are estimates because the more we order the lower per unit the cost becomes.
We pass any savings we can on to our customers.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and our staff will call you within one business day to begin the process.